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Informations for testing  ADOplusWeb in our environement

Prior to the test of ADOplusWeb we want to give you some information on the operation of the software at this point. After clicking on theWait Cusor ADOplusWeb start-test link on the bottom of this page, you will be redirected to the ADOplusWeb web page on our server. There you confirm the preset user credentials. Do not change the preset data. Simply confirm the data by pressing the Enter key. Then ADOplusWeb connects to the test system. ADOplusWeb, as a browser application, is very powerful but reacts a bit slower than a desktop application. Web applications react like that due to the asynchronous connection. During the preparation of the ADOplusWeb answer pages in the upper right corner of the browser screen, a round turning symbol represents the wait cursor. It signals the internal processing.

 Please keep in mind that our test installation is only connected with 400kBit/s to the internet and is possibly used by multiple users simultaneously.


ADOplusWeb can be used with any available Web browser on any device. If you have problems, please let us know.


ADOplusWeb in most program parts allows you to work like with a normal desktop application. However, the Enter key button is in somes forms replaced by double click with the left mouse button . The right mouse button in many windows opens a context menu. Using tablets you need to emulate a right mouse click with the method, selected by the manufacturer.

Test-Organizational Unit

In the Active Directory of the test domain, a organizational unit called ADOTest is available. In this OU you can use ADOplusWeb to perform all the administrative tasks, eg. Create objects, mail-enable, mailbox permissions etc.. In other areas of the test installation, you only have the permission to see the objects.

Exchange and Lync/SFB

In the Active Directory Forest of our test system an Exchange organization is integrated and ready for use. For Lync/SFB, the Active Directory schema is extended, but a Lync Server 2010,  2013 or SFB is currently not in operation. But if you try to Lync-enable a user, you can see the available options.

Language Support

ADOplusWeb currently supports the languages German and English, the ADOplusWeb test web site is installled in English.

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